16.5 Storage Cube

16.5 Storage Cube


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Size: 16.5'L x 8'W x 8'H

Days: 1 Month

Rent Time Extension: $200/month

Ton(s): 10,000lbs Max

Extra Weight: (Delivery $150, Pick up $150)


Convenient and Flexible Mobile Storage Solutions

Our mobile storage units offer a convenient and flexible solution for your storage needs. Whether you are moving, renovating, decluttering, or simply need extra space, our mobile storage units provide a secure and accessible storage option right at your doorstep.

Weatherproof and Durable: Rest assured that your belongings are safe and protected from the elements in our weatherproof and durable units.

Easy Access and Loading: With easy access and loading capabilities, you can quickly and efficiently store your items without the hassle of transporting them to a traditional storage facility.

Off-Site Storage Option: Additionally, if you prefer, we can store the unit off-site at our yard, providing you with even more flexibility and convenience.

Professional Service: Our dedicated team ensures a smooth rental experience, from delivery to pickup, providing you with professional service every step of the way.Experience the convenience and flexibility of our mobile storage units today and enjoy a seamless storage solution that works for you.

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